Nutrition Template (Lifestyle + Performance)

Built for Hybrid Athletes: 

A flexible nutrition template that assigns daily macro goals, workout targets, intra nutrition, and helps you track and manage your own nutrition with the flexibility required for athletes doing strength and endurance. Includes >40 page guide with expert tips on adjusting the macro goals you're given to be more personalized, how to execute more effectively, and how to get the most out of your performance using nutrition and hydration.

What you'll get:

  • Calorie and macronutrient calculator (Google Sheets)
  • Workout nutrition and workout timing calculator (Google Sheets)
  • 12 resuable weeks of a daily nutrition tracker (Google Sheets) that includes weight monitoring, workout selection (intensity, duration, single or double sessions), and adherence monitoring
  • >40 page guide written by Ariana Scalfo (PDF/Google Drive)
  • Access to a nutrition focus group for questions, discussion, and support (Kajabi)
  • 30% off of a nutrition consult with Trevor or Ariana, if it becomes necessary to get the most out of the template

[ This purchase is nonrefundable ]

NOTE: This template includes a setting for fat loss, but it is not designed specifically for fat loss - it is designed to support best possible performance. It can and will work for fat loss if you want it to, we've engineered the loss to be sustainable and prevent any loss of lean mass. As long as your expectations are in line, u good

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